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Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf)

The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, commonly known as Awqaf, is dedicated to managing religious endowments and promoting Islamic values within the community. As a central institution in Feamish, Awqaf plays a crucial role in preserving Islamic heritage, supporting religious education, and providing a range of services that cater to the spiritual and social needs of the community.

Key Services Provided by Awqaf
1. Management of Religious Endowments (Waqf)

Awqaf oversees the management and development of religious endowments, ensuring that these valuable assets are utilized effectively to benefit the community. This includes:

  • Asset Management: Ensuring endowment properties and assets are maintained, developed, and utilized to generate income for charitable purposes.
  • Funding Social Projects: Supporting various social and welfare projects, such as building schools, hospitals, and community centers.
  • Support for Mosques: Providing financial support for the construction, maintenance, and renovation of mosques across Feamish.
2. Promotion of Islamic Education

Awqaf is committed to fostering a deep understanding of Islamic principles and values through education. This involves:

  • Religious Schools and Institutes: Establishing and supporting schools and institutes that provide high-quality Islamic education.
  • Scholarships: Offering scholarships to students pursuing higher education in Islamic studies.
  • Educational Programs: Conducting workshops, seminars, and courses on various aspects of Islam for different age groups.
3. Community Services

Awqaf offers a range of services aimed at enhancing the well-being of the community. These services include:

  • Charity and Zakat Distribution: Managing and distributing Zakat (obligatory almsgiving) and other charitable donations to those in need.
  • Marriage and Family Counseling: Providing counseling services to couples and families to strengthen familial bonds and resolve conflicts.
  • Youth Engagement: Organizing activities and programs to engage the youth in positive and productive ways, fostering a sense of responsibility and community involvement.
4. Islamic Affairs and Guidance

Awqaf is responsible for guiding the community in religious matters and ensuring adherence to Islamic principles. This includes:

  • Fatwas and Religious Rulings: Issuing fatwas (legal opinions) on various matters to provide clarity and guidance on religious issues.
  • Imam Training: Training and supporting Imams (prayer leaders) to ensure they are well-equipped to lead the community in worship and provide religious guidance.
  • Hajj and Umrah Services: Facilitating the process for pilgrims undertaking the Hajj and Umrah, including logistical support and educational programs.

5. Preservation of Islamic Heritage

Awqaf is dedicated to preserving the rich Islamic heritage and culture of Feamish. This involves:

  • Cultural Events: Organizing events and activities that celebrate and promote Islamic culture and traditions.
  • Heritage Sites: Protecting and maintaining historical Islamic sites and monuments.
  • Publications: Producing and disseminating literature on Islamic history, culture, and religious practices.


The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) is a cornerstone of the Feamish community, providing essential services that support religious, educational, and social needs. Through its dedicated efforts, Awqaf ensures the effective management of religious endowments, promotes Islamic education, offers valuable community services, provides religious guidance, and preserves Islamic heritage. By doing so, Awqaf not only enriches the spiritual lives of individuals but also strengthens the overall fabric of society in Feamish.

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